Friday, January 27, 2017

You Can't Win 'Em All

We put in an offer on the house we loved after I dragged Darling Husband to see it.

We didn't get it.

But it's okay! Really!

Actually, yeah, it's okay, because on our last showing, we realized that part of the upstairs was a

And by "off", I mean that the cantilevered hallway joining the upstairs bedrooms was sagging. Because it might not have been built properly.

The potentially catastrophic cantilever is the reason we made them an offer - ahem - $39,000 below their asking price. That cantilever fix could have been a $16,000 issue.

We honestly didn't think the owners would go for it, and they didn't. We found out 1/26, and I've already bounced back from the quasi-disappointment.

Our poor realtor has a list of 5 houses we'd like to see, and there are three open houses we might visit, as well.

So I guess getting all those tile samples was a bit premature. I'm still keeping my Design Boards, though. Would you like to see them?

How silly of me! Of course you want to see them! Your life revolves around my blog, right? RIGHT?

And before you ask: YES, Darling Husband gave me permission to paint the walls pink! When I first asked if he'd be okay with it, well, his expression spoke for itself.

It said, "No."

But then I showed him the lovely design above, and he saw that the pink walls would be in contrast to the more masculine feel of the bed (deep olive velvet & navy coverlet, but note the "feminine" sheets), and the imaginary bedside tables that are bigger than the ones in the picture, but have the same "campaign"/"captain" look to them. And the lamp bases (I have two) are antique ceramic insulators from a power transfer station.

Because I'm an amazing shopper. And Darling Husband - who knew I'd been stalking them at the antique store, which was having a sale - was kind enough to agree that I should get them. It helped that the lamps were on sale.

Purchases are more fun when they're on sale, no?

The only downsides to my ceramic insulators are that: 1) I have to pay someone to make them into lamps; 2) they have old power transfer station grease inside them that I have to clean out.

So cleaning is the plan for Saturday afternoon/evening, depending on how exhausted I am after lunching with a friend and then flitting to open houses.

Like a greasy social butterfly.

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