Thursday, May 28, 2009


I am about to embark - once again - on designing a portfolio for application to grad school.  Again.  After reviewing it with one of my former professors, we came to the conclusion that I need to reduce the amount of text in the portfolio, where possible, and to attempt to let the images speak for themselves.  Today, I begin that task.  I plan to high-tail it to a Starbucks in a very short while in order to drink some tea and mark up one of my old portfolios.  We'll see how this goes.

I intend to make the book of the portfolio myself.  Therefore, I have been looking into various bookbinding workshops offered here in the DFW area, and I also ordered a couple of books from  After I read them, there will probably be some reviewing of the books here-abouts these parts.  Unfortunately, all of the workshops are either full, or they take place in the middle of the day (precluding me from taking them if I ever get a job) or both.

I've decided to change the layout of my portfolio completely - different sized pages, etc.  Fortunately, the text is all completed, and I have the images I used for my last go round saved and ready to be exhumed for use this time around.

I typically go through 2 or 3 different layouts before I'm satisfied with what I produce, but I know this time around which color I want to use to thematically link the projects, I know which type-face I want to use, I know the color of font I want to use.  Alas, the big expensive book I have that is the cornerstone of my portfolio design experience is tucked away in the back of a 10'x10' storage unit, behind towering metal bookshelves and wooden tables and a loveseat.  

Hopefully, since I've done this before, I won't require its presence again any time soon.  That's a daring rescue I'd rather not make.

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