Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ah, Memorial Day!

I did not go to a Friday Happy Hour, architectural or otherwise.  My sister and her husband - and their two dogs - came to Dallas from their place of residence for the weekend, and I infinitely prefer my sister's company to a bottle of beer.  Besides, we had beer at my parents' house.

My poor old dog was stoned most of the weekend.  We kept thinking that it was going to rain, and he hyperventilates and quivers when it rains, or even hints at raining, so we gave him tranquilizers to keep him calm.  The rain let us down, however, so my dog spent the weekend in a euphoric haze for no reason.  Thankfully, my sister's dogs didn't bother him too much, as he is completely incapable of fending off both of them at once, tranquilized or not.

As you might have guessed, my interviewer has yet to contact me about the job for which I interviewed.  Hopefully, it will happen this week.  I intend to call Wednesday if I haven't heard from them, just to make sure they don't need any more information, or to clear up any doubts they might have.  I'm trying not to worry about it, too much, but there's a little part of me nagging and nagging and wishing that certain occurrences in my career had taken a different course.

My dad's side of the family - his two brothers and their children - all congregated Saturday for the relatively new tradition of a Memorial Day Weekend reunion.  We used to have the reunion at Christmas, but it was rapidly becoming impracticable as "the kids" - my cousins - grew up, moved away from home, and began producing offspring of their own, which they were required to take to see in-laws, etc.  I much prefer the Memorial Day gathering, as we're not required to fulfill a certain obligation that the Christmas gathering necessitated: gift-buying.

One downside to the Memorial Day reunion and its attendant outdoors activities is my raging allergies.  For the past 24 hours, I've been miserable, with itchy eyes, a runny nose, my skin mildly broken out in pseudo-hives from overexposure to pollen.  Also, some of my relatives didn't know that I am currently unemployed.  It's always neat telling people about that.  My mom corrected one of my cousins when she talked about my "getting fired."

"She wasn't fired, she was laid off."  My cousin kept right on talking.

I'm now considering moving elsewhere in order to find work.  Elsewhere as in somewhere other than Dallas/Ft. Worth or Houston.  It would mean a big change, yes, but it could be exciting.  The difficulty is that no one appears to be hiring, so far as I can tell.  I can't even find job postings in Alaska, for crying out loud!  Not that I would seriously consider moving to Alaska. 

My delicate constitution would never survive.

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