Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I still haven't heard from the firm with whom I applied last week.  I mailed thank you notes yesterday - late, I know - so hopefully they'll arrive tomorrow to provide the "Oh, yeah, her" that I need for them to call me and HIRE ME.

I also sent an updated Curriculum Vitae to a headhunter with whom I registered back in November.  So far, I've heard absolutely nothing from them.  Back in November, they told me they could get me a job if I was willing to move to San Antonio.  I should have taken them up on the offer.

I have a feeling that part of what is keeping me from receiving positive feedback - in the form of interviews - is my lack of a Master of Architecture degree.  I understand that most people would see that I only have my B.S. Architecture and say, "Well, she hasn't finished her schooling, yet.  We don't want to hire her," but I was managing master planning projects at my former job, and managing people who had M. Arch. degrees, to boot!  It's difficult to convey that in the standard Internet submission required by most firms, these days.

So now, I'm starting the really nitty-gritty work of going through Internet databases of architecture firms, looking at their websites, and deciding if I'm going to submit my resume to them as a cold-call deal.


Of course, if I the firm decides not to hire me, I still have that trick card up my sleeve, but the difficulty is that I might not be able to play that card for months.  I can always go to work for my dad's company as an employee, and I'm working on starting my own business, but those are kind of iffy, if you know what I mean.

* I am in no way supporting the book used for a graphic; I have not read it.  It's just a CC Licensed image I found online that doesn't require attribution.

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