Thursday, May 21, 2009

No Word Yet

I have yet to hear from the firm with which I interviewed, Tuesday.  I'm not too surprised, but I am a bit anxious.  Understandable, I think, because I've been unemployed now for six months.  I have another potential card up the old proverbial sleeve, but I'm hoping I won't have to play it.

I've been keeping busy the past few days, what with interviewing, preparing for my sister and her husband and their two dogs to come visit (my 12 year old Lab is in for a surprise), meeting fellow TWC beneficiaries for coffee, being asked in a decidedly vague manner to join an unspecified number of people at an unspecified location for what may or may not be a date, and then refusing the last-minute quasi-invitation in a decidedly non-vague way.

NOTE: If you want to enjoy Ms. StrainedConsciousness' society in person, you need to put forth a modicum of effort (SAT word, that one), else you will suffer not only her mockery via telephone, but also her Internet snarkery.  Consider yourself forewarned.

In an effort not to focus on why the job offer/denial is taking so long, I've thrown myself headlong into the archives of Mental Floss' inimitable website, where you will find lists.  

Yes, lists.

I'm a compulsive list maker, so I get easily lost in the section where their lists are kept.  So far, I've read 5 things I previously didn't know about Colin Powell, 38 things I didn't know about Frankenstein (actually, I knew a couple of them, but who's counting?), a list detailing the most corrupt people/places in the world (supposedly), and several others.

I have not retained any of the knowledge learned, so far as I can tell.  This is somewhat disappointing, as my mind is a usually as absorbent as a sponge.  A big, mouldy sponge, full of useless anecdotes and facts that I frequently squeeze out for others' entertainment.  Or annoyance, depending on who you are.

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