Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On Your Mark, Get Set, Call!

I am preparing to call my prospective employer.  Yup, you heard right.  Preparing to call.  What does that mean, exactly?

1) I have written a script of what to say to his receptionist so she won't blow me off.

2) I have written a script of what I will say to him when he answers the phone, with some help from my sister and one of my mom's friends.

3) I am about to shower and get dressed so I will feel "professional" while making my phone call. I will wear a skirt, shirt, but no shoes.  It's amazing how being dressed can change your  whole attitude.  Also, I would feel silly making a phone call with the sleep+hair-pomade induced faux-hawk I'm currently sporting.  I look like a big pale rooster.

4) I will pop a couple of aspirin, because the combined stress of cold-calling an architecture heavyweight and then studying for an exam I'm taking is about to make my poor widdle cranium explode.

So off I go to shower and change.

I also submitted my resume to a company in Ft. Worth, but they didn't seem any too interested in it.  I submitted last night around 11:00 pm, and this morning at 8 am received a nice little note that they were not going to pursue the hiring process with me any further.  Pbthhhhhh on them.  They don't know what they're missing, apparently.  Hrmph.

Hopefully, all will go well with this phone call.  If not, I've still got a couple more cards up my sleeve that I can slip out and play.  We'll see if it comes to that, although I seriously want to work for the firm I'll be calling in about 30 minutes.  It's one of those "life-changing" jobs that will get you an entree into any other firm you want.  Keep those fingers crossed for me!

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