Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Have a Job! Almost...

I guess the nice handwritten bread'n'butter note to my interviewers did the trick, because I received a phone call today from the younger interviewer (as opposed to the 140-year-old principal) letting me know that they DO want to hire me, and fully intend to do so, just as soon as they get a contract signed with a client.

This should happen Monday.

My fingers are crossed for good luck, which makes typing inordinately difficult.

As you might guess, my spirits are lifted, as a result of the phone call, and the bleak future that lay ahead of me - forever living in my parents' home, surfing the Internet all day, gaining bazillions of pounds - no longer seems so certain.  And no, I'm not really concerned about being fat, because I've lost weight since being unemployed, contrary to my initial expectations.

When I informed my mother, she immediately suggested that we take advantage of the $10 discount coupon we received from DSW to buy me some celebration shoes.  Alas, there were no shoes that will stay on my impossibly-shaped midget feet, so she took me to the GAP and bought me a cute dress instead.  And then handed me her Macy's card so I can buy cute shoes tomorrow while she's at work.

Okay, so there are perks to living with my folks.

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