Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In Other News, but Continuing From Previous News

Firstly, and most importantly, I GOT MY NEW COMPUTER TODAY.  It's everything a girl could hope for, and more.  So far.  Of course, that's because it's all nice and shiny and new, and if there's one thing I'm guaranteed to like, it's a "pretty shiny."  

What most fascinates me about my new Dell Studio XPS 16 is the way it was packaged.  When I bought my Fujitsu Lifebook back in the day, it came in this horrible box, sandwiched between four Styrofoam blocks.  It took both my Dad and I to get the thing wrested free from its box.  Dell, however, has this "slick packaging" thing figured out.  When you open the shipping box, there is a nice black cardboard suitcase inside.  Open the suitcase, and you find your computer, sheathed in a black ultra-suede envelope.  It's like opening a box from Tiffany's.  They whole experience of revealing your computer is exciting.  Score one for Dell.

Also, my computer has leather on it.  I may have mentioned this in one of my earlier posts, but I can't remember.  So its case is this shiny black, in appearance something like lacquer, and it has titanium hinges.  And just above where the hinges  fasten to the screen, there's a band of black leather.  Not leatherette, mind you, but real leather.

I'm not sure why Dell chose to put leather on the computer, except, maybe, that it makes it easier to grip when you pull it out of the ultra-suede envelope, or that it is more comfortable to carry in your hand when you hold the leather, or that it will draw all the BDSM crowd to their company by default of black leather and heavy hardware.  Whatever the reason, there it is, a fact that amuses my Facebook friends no end.

Just in case you're wondering, you can't buy the XPS 16 from the Home Office store online.  Oh no, you have to buy it from the Small Business site.  I learned about the Small Business site from a blog I read several times daily.  It is  It is amazing.  You should also read it.  Just like a crack dealer, I try to get others hooked.  Unlike a crack dealer, however, I won't profit from my plugging.

The second thing to write about today, although not as exciting as receiving my fancy-prancy computer, is that I bought some clothes.  After visiting my sister on Sunday and seeing her attired in a "nice" t-shirt and shorts, with one of her funky-chunky necklaces, I decided that I, too, could go that route for informal summer clothes, averse to the idea as I formerly was.  I also discovered while perusing the internet last night that you can get t-shirts for $10 at Old Navy. 

So off I went, and I bought 6 items there for $60, which is what I usually spend on one item.  Score one for Old Navy and the fact that my jewelry box runneth over.  Seriously.  I have about 4 of them, not including what's stashed in a drawer.  There is a reason my mom teases me about being a magpie, those birds that collect pretty shiny things.

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