Friday, May 15, 2009

Get Ready, Get Set - IMPRESS

I feel like all I've done for the past two months is spend (and borrow) money.  It's nerve wracking since, as my Dad occasionally observes, I'm "tight with a buck" most of the time (clothes and computers not withstanding).

I bought a suit, tried it on with the sensible black shoes I own and was immediately depressed at the sight of myself, as I believe I mentioned yesterday.  The effect of me as frumpy librarian was probably partly due to the fact that I was wearing my funny architect glasses, but then I tried them on again today with my shoes, and I felt even frumpier, because the funny architect glasses give my appearance a bit of an outre edge.

I decided that the best thing to do in the situation would be to buy some sensible close-toed sky-high heels, and I accomplished that mission today.  Combined with a pair of nylons and a sensible yet stylish (and cheap) purse, I'm now ready for my interview, which will take place Tuesday morning.

Why did I feel the need to spend so much for this interview?  Because if I don't feel confident in what I'm wearing, my whole body language reflects that, as does my manner of speaking.  If I feel frumpy, I'll act all shy and want to crawl into a hole, and that's not going to impress an interviewer.  I need to project more of an attitude that lets people know, as my dad says, "I'm here to kick tail and take names."  My dad has a vivid way of expressing himself.

When I spoke to the fellow who owns the architecture firm, we'll call him Mr. Principal, he asked me if I knew a particular type of software.  Short answer: no.  This is the answer he received.  Long answer: no, but I will be downloading a trial version and working my tail off over the weekend to see if I can get the hang of it by Tuesday.  It's a Building Information Modeling software, which is something I need to learn anyways.

So I'm currently downloading ArchiCAD so I can shut myself in my room with my computer, listening to the new as-yet-unreleased Wilco album (streaming on the internet).  I will learn this software.  I will get this job.  I will be employed again, if only on a contract basis.  I want this job so much I can taste it.

It tastes kind of like copy-toner and Chart-Pak markers.  Sweet.

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  1. I gave the short answer. The long answer is the one I'm acting on, just FYI... reread the post and the wording struck me as being somewhat inept. My humblest apologies.