Sunday, May 2, 2010

What I Did. What I Did.

I bought work boots. And some new work appropriate clothes (at 11:30 at night Friday, because I fell asleep early due to a combination of exhaustion and mild pain medication coupled with Benadryl... and then my wonderful mom called me to say, "Hi" and I woke up, so I put my jolted-awake self to work by scouring J. Crew and bought some adorableness). And a textile to throw over my now-shabby-when-compared-to-God's-gift-to-sofas love seat. The textile doesn't really coordinate with my rug, but somehow still works, because it follows along with the whole idea of "if you like the stuff, it will all form a cohesive whole in the room together" theory of decorating.

Either that or I'm deluding myself because I'm loath to part with $60 after my work boot and J. Crew binge.

No. No. It works.

I also discovered that 1) men jumping rope outside boxing studios that are adjacent to work boot stores will all stop jumping rope in unison when a girl gets out of her car in skinny jeans and big sunglasses; and 2) if you innocently flirt with the youngish work boot salesman you will get free leather sealer for your boots.

Both these tidbits of information have been filed away for future reference.

My mom and I ran errands Saturday after I bought my ridiculously comfortable boots (Red Wing, style 2231), and then decided we should kill some time before eating dinner and adjourning to her house to watch Home and Garden Television. We decided to go to Robb and Stucky, since it was in the general area, and the furniture there is good for both a few laughs and some inspiration.

And oh, did I find inspiration.

This little number would look faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous in my apartment, someday.

As would something along these lines, but in gold, I think. Yes, definitely in gold.

The look I'm shooting for in my apartment, just in case you're wondering, is sort of ... well... let's say if Dorothy Draper and Mies van der Rohe had a love child who hung out with Andy Worhol, and that love child was an interior decorator: that decorator would do my apartment. But keep it tasteful.

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