Thursday, May 13, 2010

Eating Crow... And Dang, It Tastes Good

Yesterday, I posted about the wonderful - and wonderfully inexpensive - tables I was going to buy, even though there were two others that needed some work that were more expensive and cooler.

I went back at lunch today to buy the tables I posted images of yesterday.

I did not buy them.

I bought the more expensive ones.


Yes, they cost more. Yes, they will need work. Despite my resolution to buy the Baker-esque mid-Century tables, I saw them and knew that I would regret buying them. And that I wanted the more expensive ones. They were what I had originally budgeted for, so far as tables go, anyways. I'll have to wait to have them refinished, but that's what artfully placed coffee-table books and lamps are for, right?


So the beautiful mahogany Chinoiserie tables will be delivered to my apartment next week, and my apartment will be fine, for now. I'll have the fabric samples for curtains, when I eventually get around to buying them a few months from now (after I've saved up some money, what with the purchase of the tables and the lamps), if I decide to buy them from the on-line company, and that will give me more time to formulate a plan for eventual interior decorating cohesion.

The agony is over. And now I can concentrate on lamp shades. For the new lamps. Which are the last purchase that will be made for a loooooooooooong time for my apartment.


(Sorry about the blurry picture; I took it from a funny angle with my iPhone)

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