Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So much happening!

This morning, while I was at work, the maintenance man came and repaired the weatherstripping on my door, so it's all shiny and new and actually works, now! Yay!

And I received a notice from my apartment complex that, due to tenant requests, they now provide recycling services! Which means all those Economist and eviscerated Elle Decor magazines that have been going in the garbage bin will now go in the recycling bin!

So many exclamation points!!!!!!!!

I'm also now working on a renovation project for a new-ish client, rather than the lovely 1,000 SF treehouse I've been doing. It's a fascinating project, in a way, because the apartment in a Turtle Creek highrise we're renovating is essentially in the same state it was in when first completed back in 1958.

1958, people.

Granted, a few tenants have made misguided upgrades in the interim - shiny white laminate cabinets in the kitchen, with matching closet doors in the hallway, eesh - and the lighting is absolutely atrocious, but the woodwork is all in original condition. A little worse for wear, and in need of some refinishing, but still in place after 52 years. After 25 years longer than I've been alive.

And get this: the client currently owns one unit on the floor, but he wants to own all five of the units on his floor so he can combine them into one unit. One big, huge, 8 million bedroom unit in a historic Turtle Creek highrise. I don't even want to think about his monthly Home Owners' Association Fees. Actually, yes. Yes, I do.

They would be what I make in 4 months. Just for HOA fees. For one month. That's not including the cost of the mortgage or anything. I know, I shouldn't be astounded. And let's not forget, that includes all of his utilities.

Heck, it's a bargain.

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