Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The End of the Affair

Earlier today, I took a short break from that thing I do every day... you know. That thing where you get up, get dressed... You go to a building... Working. Right. That thing.

I perused a couple of websites, and on one I saw a wannabe Dorothy Draper dresser. I lusted after it in my heart all day, but I've been seriously thinking about my plan of attack for this apartment, and I just couldn't decide if the dresser a la Draper was part of the frontal assault. I decided just a few minutes ago, while seized by a fit of security-light-outside-my-window-induced insomnia, to see if the dresser was still on the website, to see if, perhaps, we are meant to be reunited, and have it feel so good.

Nope. No chemistry. Heck, I got stood up, right proper.

I think the dresser was sold when I saw it, seeing as it didn't even have a price on it, and the fellow has a high rate of turnover on his wares. Things that were for sale as of 3:00 pm today are now marked SOLD as unapologetic as you please, and the dresser isn't there at all, so I think it was just a blunder that the dresser was still there, at all.

So my affair with the dresser was short lived, and I can move on to pining away for other worldly goods instead.

Like matching end tables. That I might design and have my dad construct bases for out of metal, that would then be powder-coated gold. And have solid walnut slabs cut for the tops. Because there's a guy with a source in a place who sells them for cheap. I think. I haven't asked about shipping costs yet.

I'm still plotting my plan of attack. I will undoubtedly worry the plan endlessly with my sister when I go visit her this weekend.

Yes, you heard correctly.

I get to visit the world's most amazingly wonderful sister this weekend.

And I get to take a half day off from work to do so. And I will get to help her shop for baby stuff and laugh with her and eat whatever it is she cooks, unless she's tired, in which case we will eat wherever it is she wants to eat.

Although I have a hankering for a curried chicken salad sandwich for lunch on Saturday, just in case she's wondering.

Wink wink.

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