Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My end table hunt is over! Today, I decided that I'd eat my lunch while working, and use my lunchbreak for something truly worthwhile, like looking at end tables. Given that I'm a hop skip and a jump from the design district, it's pretty easy to go for a quick shopping excursion during lunch. I generally try to avoid them, though.

I'd been stalking the website for a store called Antiques Moderne, the same store that had the Dorothy Draper wannabe chest (it's still in the store, awaiting pickup, as I write). I'd seen a few things I liked, and when I walked in, I saw even more.

There were two GORGEOUS end tables, the right height, but a little too big, I think, for my current home. And they were kind of pricey, $900 for the pair, and they need to be refinished. The shape of them is absolutely amazing, but still... The price was a bit rich for my blood.

I then saw the two end tables that I'd seen on the website: the man who owns the store says he thinks they're Baker from the 1960s, but the labels are missing, so who knows? Regardless, they're high quality, with solid brass casters, and the finish on them is still in amazing shape. And they're the perfect height for my sofa.

And they're on sale. I get both of them for $350. Tomorrow. When I go snap them up and arrange for delivery, which is only an extra $40, because he just wants "the damn things" out of the store so he can use the room they're in to better display furniture.

So, $350 for the pair, when I'd planned to spend $700. You know what this means, don't you? Yes, I thought so.

It means I can afford drapes without feeling the least bit guilty. Not the least bit guilty, at all. And maybe another end table, just for kicks.

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