Friday, August 7, 2009

It's Been a While...

I apologize for my lack of blogging constancy, but I've been busy.


Into an apartment of my very own.

"How can moving possibly take a whole week?" you might ask. I am, after all, only out of school recently (3 years ago), and most college students don't have many belongings.

That is the stereotype. I like to avoid stereotypes.

To that end, I have amassed a large collection of books - 20 boxes! - that had to be placed on the bookshelves before we could arrange furniture. Yes, that's right, the furniture was stacked high while we unloaded my voluminous volumes.

Once that was done, there was the always fun furniture dance. "Now, move the sofa back. Another inch. Okay, two inches. No, you moved it too far. Bring it back towards me. Just a little bit."

For the past two evenings, I've stowed away kitchen gadgets, toiletries, jewelry and clothes. No big deal, right?


Clothes must be arranged by type (shirt, skirt, pant, dress, sweater, etc...), then by length, then color. It's pretty nice, though, to walk into a closet and see that one end of the rod is white and the other is black, and that in between comes pink, red, brown, green, blue, purple, and then black. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, just like a cashmere sweater!

Jewelry was relatively easy - open drawer, place in felt-lined trays, dump jewelry in.

Toiletries, admittedly, are still a work in progress. I believe after just one more trip to the Container Store, I'll have everything I need. Maybe. I think the Container Store should send me a birthday coupon, or something.

I'm hoping that, upon returning home within the next few minutes, I'll find that a table and drapes I've ordered have arrived and are awaiting me. Then, my bedroom will be almost finished.

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