Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where in Hades Did I Get That?!?!

I didn't blog yesterday because I've been tired and busy. I'm feeling somewhat better. Thanks for asking.

I've been packing stuff in preparation for moving, buying stuff - because the apartment complex requires area rugs or floor pads under all furniture on the hardwood parquet flooring - and trying not to overdo it.

I resumed sorting through all the stuff I've acquired in the past 7 months or so, as well as some stuff that travelled with me from Dallas to my parents' house. I wanted to make sure it really needed to go back to Dallas.

Not all of it does.

What have I uncovered in the past two hours? A million coaxial cables, despite the fact that I rarely watch TV. A 12-foot ethernet cord - bright green - that I received as a freebie from the dorm I lived in my first year of college. A 3-foot ethernet cord - bright blue - that I picked up somewhere else along the way. Approximately 30-feet total of telephone cord, and a Polaroid camera.

A Polaroid camera. That still works, even though the last time I used it was 5 years ago. Apparently, the battery/film cartridge was still "good" battery-wise, although all the pictures I've taken this evening with it turned out red.

"Hey, Mom! Turn around!" Ka-chik-wu-eeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr. Presto! Mom en rouge!

I also uncovered a traditional film camera that has a decidedly dead battery, the warranty information for my old laptop, as well as all the set-up CDs that go along with it, my old Motorola Razr telephone, and multiple notebooks with job-hunting tips desperately scrawled inside.

None of the tips did me any good, however, because they didn't include Go drinking with colleagues regularly.

I threw out the job-hunting tips, but kept the notebooks, most of the cords (the CPU power cord won't do me a whole bunch of good, since I no longer have a desktop computer, so that went on the garage sale pile), and all of the cameras.

You never know when you'll need a distorted red picture of your dog.

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