Monday, August 24, 2009

Nothing Much to Post About, But It's Habitual Now

I am currently sitting in the office, on hold with someone from AT&T, which might just become my new social routine: I'll call every evening, juke to the rockin' hold music, and have in-depth discussions with customer service about why my DSL account is not activated.

As for my REAL social life, it was a good 3 day run, but I'm definitely ready for a quieter week. After my late Saturday night - out past midnight, again, and you know nothing good happens after midnight, right Dad? - I slept in later than I've slept since I started working. I jumped out of bed at the crack of 2 p.m. got dressed and made a grocery list.

I was going to go to the Container Store, but then decided that I didn't really need the things I was going to buy, so I restrained my organizing hand and went to the Tom Thumb next door for a few non-perishable items (hellooooo Dr. Pepper!) and then on to Whole Foods, where I ran into one of my former bosses who dropped his yogurt container when I said, "Hello!" Granted, I might have said it a little loudly, but that's because my ears were still ringing from the bar noise from the night before.

I went home, unpacked my groceries - and may or may not have a spider in my house/shopping bag/purse and as a consequence may or may not have walked around the rest of the evening slapping at my neck and arms - and got down to tidying. I tidied my bathroom, I rearranged my bedside tables, I changed my sheets. In short, I was a one-woman tornado of productivity for the eight hours I was awake before retreating to bed once more.

And now, I learn from the nice man at AT&T - his name is Joel, and he has a kind of creepy voice, truth to tell - that my service has been activated after all, and that the customer service reps at AT&T just failed to call me to notify me, as was promised on Wednesday evening.

Joel mutters to himself and breathes heavily while he clacks away at the keyboard in the customer support center, which only enhances the creepiness of his voice when he does speak aloud.

So now, it's off to the dry cleaners to pick up my laundry, then back home to make dinner and connect my new wireless router to my phone line. Hooray!

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