Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Work Work Work Work Work Work Work Work

The past two weeks have flown by at a snail's pace. So much for metaphors.

I'm working on construction details, right now, specifically those dealing with millwork (READ: cabinets).

I have never been so bored in my life.

It's not so much the details themselves that are stultifying tedious. I've actually found that I enjoy designing the details themselves.

"And then, the drawers will open, and machine guns will fly out on their Hafele spring-mounts that we cannibalized from the ironing board kits, and p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p there go the burglars!"

The boring part is going through each interior elevation and tagging the details. So on page A8.3, there's a detail for how the counter top meets the cabinet below it. I have to go through, find where that occurs on the interior elevations for the kitchen, and put a little round circle on the page with a tail that intersects the counter top/cabinet in the elevation. I have to make sure the numbers inside the circle say "A8.3/35" if it's number 35. Other wise, the counter top might end up being built like the edge of the cabinet is supposed to. Or something.

I'm good at this sort of thing, because I'm a natural proofreader (I am obsessed with finding mistakes in writing - not necessarily my own, but usually - and a book is ruined by a simple grammatical error). But it's not as much fun to go through and look for discrepancies in your own designs, and it's more difficult to pick them out.

Pacman feels my pain, and occasionally comes by to check on me while I'm working, which is uncommonly nice of him and a bit out of character.

I suspect he's coming back just to make sure I'm not surfing the Internet.

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