Thursday, June 11, 2009

Time to Get Crackin' !

I have an incredibly "full plate" these days... and yet I seem to have almost no motivation to tackle the things I need to do. For instance:

1) I need to get to work on the side-business I've got in the works. I know I need to do this. I'm just a wee bit overwhelmed with everything that goes into doing it, so I put it off, then say "I'll do it tomorrow" when that's the same thing I said yesterday. All the job-change anxiety is affecting my ability to concentrate.

2) I need to keep practicing the program I'll be using at my new job. This also has fallen somewhat by the wayside, but seeing as I'll be given some instruction in this once I start work, it's sort of OK. Not really, though.

3) I need to redo my portfolio, retake the GRE, etc... I'm having difficulty getting started with all of these things, however. Part of it is the overwhelming sense of "I have to redo my portfolio, which took me 6 months to put together last time around." Granted, most of the ground work for my portfolio has been accomplished, and it will now be a matter of editing down the text, being more selective with images, and including fewer pages. And reformatting. But that's still a whole lot of work to do. Oy.

In brighter news, I've begun working with an apartment locator in Dallas. She's actually pretty good. It's one of those things where they either move your stuff or they give you money if you sign a lease with one of the properties and put their name on all of the necessary forms. Either way, it sounds good to me.

Last time I moved to Dallas, I wanted a place with character and charm. What I got was an apartment with no insulation, huge heating bills, a communal washer/dryer that never worked, fleas, and flying cockroaches. Oh, and a landlady that didn't respond to my calls about the fleas and flying cockroaches.

Now, I want a place with washer/dryer connections for the full-size washer and dryer I own, lots of insulation, and a location near my new workplace. All of which will cost me more than my previous apartment, but with a much smaller salary. Neat. Fortunately, my apartment locator is being helpful. I have also harnessed the power of the Internet to look at some apartments, which I told her about (she'd left them off the list), and which she is following up on so she can get back to me.

I've honestly got my hopes up about a couple of the places, possibly too high up, in fact. I will blame this on the apartment locator, though, because I can't see how there could possibly be a 1-bedroom 1-bath with den apartment in Downtown for less than $700 per month. But if there is, and if I get to lease it, I will send the apartment locator flowers.

And just in case you're wondering, locator is apparently not included in Blogger's spellcheck function, although locator's is included...

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