Monday, June 15, 2009

First Day On The Job

Monday was my first day at the new architecture firm. It went incredibly well, which sort of surprised me. It mostly surprised me because I woke up every hour, on the hour, from 2:30 am Monday morning until 6:30 am, at which point I jumped out of bed, ate some cereal - something I don't think I've done since college - and got dressed.

The office opens officially at 9:00 am.

I arrived at the office building 40 minutes early.

And the only reason I wasn't 46 minutes early was because I took a roundabout way of getting to the building, via the Design District. I sat in my car and made a To Do List for a while, played a couple of games on the old iPhone, and finally decided to go in about 8:40, because I just couldn't stand it anymore.

My computer wasn't ready, but one of my coworkers, who I'll call Scooter, from now on - but not to his face - was on vacation, so I sat in his desk and familiarized myself with the project on which I'll be working using his Mac. I will be working with another fellow, who I'll call Pacman (if you can figure out why, I'll be impressed - and no, it's not dirty).

I was somewhat disappointed to learn that I won't be receiving the big fancy Mac; the senior associate at the firm gets that one. I'll be receiving the senior associate's old computer, after it returns from the computer guys that are wiping all the old files off it so I'll be working with a "clean slate." After seeing how HUGE the new Mac is, though, I'm kind of relieved: it's about the size of a 24" flat-screen TV, which is slightly overwhelming when it's 18" from your face. I already miss having two screens, like I did at my old job. I might have to remedy this by - um - imagining I have another one. Like Hades am I spending my hard-earned $$$$ on computer hardware, even if it does mean I can take it with me at a later date! Of course, in 3 months, I might rethink this position, but for right now, I'm keeping things as they are.

I'm about to start working on a couple of tutorials for the Building Information Modeling software we use. I already did one tutorial a month ago, but I just found the other quadrillion that the company posts - oops - so I spent a couple of hours working on those at the office, and I'm going to do some more tonight. It took about 2 hours to do one chapter of the tutorial, so it might turn out to be a long night. Not that I'll do the whole thing, but I do intend to do at least one more chapter before all is said and done.

I think the senior associate needs a nickname, too... I think Radio fits the bill!

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