Monday, June 1, 2009

Anybody Out There?

I'll go ahead and get it out of the way:  I haven't heard from my prospective employer, at time of publication .  As I'm publishing late Monday evening, and the prospective client to my prospective employer was supposed to sign the prospective contract Monday during office hours, I didn't entirely expect to hear word before Publication, but I had certainly hoped to hear of potential impending employment by this time.

In a familiar vein, I'm currently reading yet another weighty tome, in order to while away the evening hours, and I will duly blog a review of it when I am finished reading it.  (Hint:  It starts with an L- and ends with an -ittle Dorrit.)

I suppose I could review the movie Up, but all I can say without giving away the whole thing - which is one amazing surprise and revelation after the other - is that I laughed, I cried (copiously), I give it one thumb up, but only because in order to complete the total Siskel and Ebert imitation, I would be required to have an enormously fat person give the other thumb up.

So those of you who read are no doubt disappointed by the short entry, today/tomorrow.  I know, I know .  But never fear, I will try to come up with more for next time.

Unless, of course, you write in raptures about the wonderfully abbreviated format of today/tomorrow's entry.  Honestly, it won't make a difference.

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