Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Service Schmervice

Ah, the joys of customer service! I was amused, just now, to find a reply to an email inquiry I sent three weeks ago to an apartment locator. I guess I was lost in the void for a while. Unfortunately, the agent took too long, and someone scooped her. Oops.

I will also take this opportunity to rant about the American Institute of Architects. Because I recently changed jobs, I am required to also change the information relating to my employer so the AIA's database will stay up to date. I attempted to do this crucial task on-line. There's a nifty link that allows me to request an organization change. I clicked the link, picked the reason for my relocation from the drop-down menu, typed in the details of my new employer and - voila! - error message.

Ok. Maybe the error message occurred because I was using Google Chrome for my Internet browser. Try again using FireFox.

Tyring again with a different browser requires me to log into the site again, wade through all the menus again, and go through the motions of clicking buttons, picking from drop-downs, etc... again. Click submit.

Error Message.

Fine, I will cave in to the great Satan and use Internet Explorer, much as I am loathe to do so.

Error Message.

Initially, this sequence of events took place two weeks ago (shortly after I submitted the information request to the lackadaisical locator). I sent an email to the AIA using their email inquiry program and duly received an email "receipt" confirming that they received it.

Apparently, they don't care enough about the people who pay them $300+ per year (almost 1% of your average beginning architect's salary) to answer them.

I tried to use the system again today at lunch, or to locate a PDF format document I could complete and mail in. The system is still not working, not with FireFox or Safari or Chrome or Explorer. I sent another email, this time to Member Services. Hopefully, they'll care enough to reply.

I made an honest effort not to be too snarky in my email to them. I really did.

I promise.

Funniest thing heard in the office today: "Dammit, we're going to have to make the gun room bigger."

(image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons contributor JoJan).

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