Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Job: Day Two

I am blessed beyond belief. Last night, I worked on tutorials for the insane drafting program I'll be using at the new job. I casually mentioned the fact in conversation with Radio, today, and he said, "Why in God's name would you do that? We're paying you to do the tutorials. Relax when you go home."

Consider it done.

Hopefully, I'll get my own computer tomorrow so I can connect the fancy-schmancy mouse I bought to it. It's ergonomic and laser guided and comes with a penthouse apartment. Ooooooh. Yes, the company is reimbursing me for the mouse.

It's always interesting to work in a new environment, mostly because of the people watching. There's a woman in the office building who wears tinted glasses, dyes her hair black, and wears her hair in two plaited pigtails. Throw on a black calico skirt and a grey sleeveless T-shirt, and you've got one serious alterna-chick. But wait! There's more! She wears a sunbonnet. I'm talking Little House on the Prairie, here. The bonnet is also black, with lovely white rick-rack trim. I have yet to see the bonnet on her head, as it always hangs by its ribbons down her back. I wonder if she wears it in the office so she can nap without anyone noticing? It's the only reason I can imagine.

For about an hour, today, I flew solo in the office. It was somewhat frightening, on multiple levels. First, I had just learned to transfer incoming calls to my coworkers' voice mail (I taught myself on the fly while Pacman was on the phone). Second, I was ALONE. I was a girl all alone in an office that is in an office building. And that building just lost its biggest tenant, from what I hear.

After an hour, the 200 year old principal - I think we'll call him Oldsmobile - returned to the office, and when I came out of my cubicle to see who it was, we ended up walking around in circles trying to catch up to one another. He told me to lock the office door next time I'm there alone, if I feel safer that way.

I think he could tell I was a little unsettled at being all by myself. Don't wanna be all by MYSELF. ANYMOOOOOOOOOOORE.

Eat your heart out, Celine Dion.

* Just in case any of you are wondering about why I pick the images I use - somebody asked me today - if you click on the image, it will open in its own window. Look at the end of the web-address, and the last words you see, separated by + signs, are the title of the image. There's a little clue for you. Actually. It's a big clue.

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