Thursday, February 19, 2009

World Without End - Ken Follett

I just finished reading "World Without End," Ken Follett's sequel to the book "The Pillars of the Earth."  I loved TPOTE.  It was fascinating, if at times a bit difficult to read (rape scenes are always difficult to read).  There were ample plot twists to keep me engaged.  The historical allusions were fascinating and accurate.

This said, if you loved "Pillars," don't bother reading "World Without End" : they're the same book. 

The main character wants to build a structure for the glorification of the town : Check.
The main character is prevented from marrying the woman he loves : Check.
The woman he loves marries someone else : Check.
A helpless but strongwilled woman is raped :  Check. (multiple times)

The stories were essentially identical, except separated by a 200 year time gap and with different character names, natch.  "Pillars" was fascinating.  "World" was tedious.  If you want to read one of Ken Follett's literary masterpieces (perhaps the only ones), then stick with "Pillars."  (Sorry Mr. Follett).

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