Friday, February 27, 2009


I've been informed of job opportunities twice, now, at the same firm.  

Guy 1:   "You should apply.  I'll give you a good recommendation."  Thanks.
Guy 2: "They're hiring young designers with the same types of experience you have.  You should look at them."  Thanks.
Guy 1:   "Have you sent in your resume yet?  I haven't heard anything about it.  You should come work with us."   Thanks.

I finally had to tell Guy 1, who was quite persistent - and I think a little socially inept - that I have personal reasons for not going to work at his firm.  I opted not to elaborate.

The personal reason?  My EX-BOYFRIEND works there.  I would be supremely uncomfortable working with him.  The firm he works at tends to go out together after work, the same way my former coworkers did (heck, we still go out together).

We've been to several parties hosted by mutual friends, and I was uncomfortable seeing him again.  I broke his heart, essentially, and then he begged me to be friends and hang out with him, but I couldn't, not seeing the little hopeful expression he always had whenever he saw me.  His employer is a small firm, not like the 300-employee behemoths in Downtown, so I couldn't possibly avoid seeing him.

In a way I feel a little bit silly refusing to snag the job being dangled tantalizingly before me, but at the same time, I know it would end up an uncomfortable situation for everyone involved (Guy 1 keeps calling to ask me out, without success, not knowing that I dated his coworker.)  I've dated coworkers and then gone through the whole "it's over, and we're stuck at the same office" ordeal, and it's not one I'd like to relive.

I think I'll go drown my confusion in a pint of Guinness, now.

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  1. you mean guy numero uno, keeps text asking you out? ....just sayin.......... ;) im catching up on your blog while sitting at buzzbrews! yay!