Monday, February 16, 2009

Pub with a Capitol "P"

The fellow that usually directs my architect-y buddies on their weekly pilgrimage around the watering holes of Dallas fell down on the job Friday.  His excuse?  He was in Arizona.  Personally, I think it's a lame excuse, but four of the devoted pooled our resources and ventured forth, to the East side of Central Expressway (U.S. - 75 for the non-Dallasites).

Originally, we intended to go to the Old Monk.  They pour one of the best pints of Guinness in town, according to regional lore.  So we went.  In two separate cars.  And they didn't have valet.  Now I'm no parking snob, but if you don't offer valet on a Friday night on one of the busiest drinking streets in Dallas, you're going to lose business, especially when your parking lot is the size of a postage stamp and you know you'll get towed if you park on one of the nearby residential streets.

So the Old Monk did NOT get paid for a grand total of a zillion drinks.

We ended up instead at Capitol Pub.  It's at the intersection of Capitol and Henderson, just FYI.  I love the bar.  I've gone there since it first opened.  I know the names of all the regulars (even if they do just refer to me as "the pretty short-haired girl") and the owners.  But Friday night was - well - loud.  Louder than it's been since the Dallas Rugby Club showed up after their last game from last season (and that was LOUD).  Usually, there's the din from people talking and laughing.  But they were louder this time because the music volume was set to make-their-eardrums-bleed.  We ended up sitting outside because it was so loud.  And it was cold, too, so I had to get the poor valet ($5 after 9 p.m., free before 9) to run back out to my car to get my coat for me (thanks adorable valet guy!).

Eventually, not even my 3/4 length wool coat could keep me warm (and my friends were shivering in their Burberry Anoraks and insulated vests), so we went inside and commandeered the nearest empty-ish table we could find.  And then yelled at each other across the table for the next 2 hours while we alternated our drinks between beer and water.

I'm planning on going back to Capitol this Wednesday for after-dinner drinks (Read: Beer) with one of my friends, known to the Pub owners as "the short-haired girl's friend" (no kidding).  Hopefully, it won't be so loud, and if it is, I just might have to say something to one of the ridiculously good-looking owners.


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