Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Moving On

I attended my first Career Connection meeting, today.  It was - um - different.  I've never felt 100% like "other people," always a little bit of a fish out of water, but I've become accustomed to it.  Until today.  As I sat there in a room of 40-50 yr. old unemployed professionals, I came to the realization that "I don't belong here."  Most of the people in the room were SAP specialists, security analysts, or account managers.  I have no idea what any of those titles actually mean, but I'm sure they can be quite rewarding.

  A couple of the attendees (one a woman in a bright pink sweater with matching lipstick and bubblegum; the other a distinguished older gentleman) asked me what I do, exactly.  When I told them I worked in architecture and master planning and handed them my just-delivered-yesterday business cards, the looked a) impressed at the string of alphanumeric abbreviations following my name; b) pitying.  Yeah.  That's really neat.

  My fellow job-hunters are both in technology fields of one sort or another.

  Another reason I felt all floppy-fish today: they had a biblical lesson.  And it was done in the style of Dr. Seuss.  Really?  For middle-school/elementary-school, maybe, but otherwise...  I'm also a firm believer in keeping government, religion, and business each in neatly compartmentalized divisions, none of them crossing over into the other (unless your particular business IS religion or government).  Kind of freaked me out, honestly.  And we had to turn to the person next to us and tell them we would pray for them.  It all felt... otherworldly.

Will I go back?  I'm not decided yet.  Maybe I'll try a couple of other forums before I settle on this one...

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