Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Apparently, Breaking Up is REALLY Hard to Do

Especially when the fellow in question (Emilio) sends you an email informing you that he doesn't know what to make of your seeming volte face, and that he totally understands your need to put professional life before social life, etc... Um, yeah, so he really doesn't get it. Apart from replying to tell him that he annoys me and I really don't enjoy his company, what's a girl to do? Any suggestions? Anyone? Of course, I could just ignore his response and not communicate with him. Ever. Again.

A day of frustrations, all around. My "I don't want to see you anymore" is intentionally misunderstood, and I find that Pacman has changed all of my interior elevations - my precious, precious elevations - without consulting with me or informing me. Most importantly, the alterations DON'T WORK in elevation, because they jack up the datum lines in ALL THE ROOMS, which visually flow from one to another.

Frustrating day.

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