Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I just "broke up" with Emilio. (Can you break up with someone after only four dates?) Yeah, it was bound to happen. The idea of dating somebody seemed good at the time, but then... well, then I got to know Emilio. On our fourth date - he took me to a musical, more on that later - I realized that I don't really enjoy his company. In fact, I realized that he annoyed me. A lot. I also realized that he never let me talk: the man talked constantly.

What did he talk about? I HAVE NO IDEA. It wasn't interesting enough for me to pay attention to, and more often than not, I'd find myself five minutes into a "conversation" with him thinking to myself "Oh, God! What is he talking about? I don't know! Crap!"

Although this is not the reason I broke up with him, our fourth date was utter agony for me. He took me to dinner, and then to a surprise. As a guy taking a girl on a fourth date, I would never go out on a limb and surprise her, but he probably thought it was a grand romantic gesture, of which he seemed entirely too fond. So he took me... to... a... musical. A Chorus Line, to be exact.

Did I mention I hate musicals? Ok, aside from Jersey Boys, I loathe going to musicals. Musicals on TV? I'll watch Grease, and I do enjoy a good old-fashioned Disney flick every now and again (hakuna matata!) but that's it.

Poor guy.

Sort of. As I told a friend yesterday, I think he already had our unborn children named. On our fourth - and last - date, he asked me if there was anywhere in Mexico I'd like to visit, and I told him I'd always wanted to see Tenochtitlan. He nodded, and responded, "Okay, let's go there. Maybe in February?"

What? It's our fourth date! You don't moot the idea of international vacation plans on a fourth date!

Of course, when I informed my aforementioned friend that Emilio had named our unborn children, he replied, "So have I! You want to know their names?" Hardee har har. My friends are so funny...

On the upside, I'll now have more time to get stuff done that I've been neglecting (hopefully) and can concentrate on preparing to move to my new apartment closer to Downtown Dallas. Hooray!

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  1. It must be so tough having guys fall in love with you after only 4 dates! :-P