Monday, March 9, 2009

State and Allen

Friday's Happy Hour was at State and Allen Lounge.  Maybe it was because of the seating arrangement (RIGHT in the path of travel for everyone) or the fact that my allergies were bothering me, but...  Ok.  I'm picky about bars.  Perhaps if I'd sampled their food (which is hopefully better than their Guinness) I would have been more impressed, but as things stand, it doesn't merit a spot on my list of "favorite bars."  Sorry, PK.

One thing I did find amusing at S&A Lounge was that all the guys, with the exception of those at our table, seemed to be dressed exactly alike.  All were in white shirts with blue stripes, jeans, and flipflops, with one or two exceptions.  On the upside, patrons are welcome to bring their dogs, so long as they obey the "Rules for Parents" posted on a chalkboard.  It was fun to see all the people out with their aminals (misspelling intentional, ya'll), particularly the weimaraner puppy.

Me: You tackle the girl, and I'll grab the puppy and run.
Kathy: Deal.  One, two, three, go!

I also must confess that I was only there for 1.5 hours, and as everyone knows, bars typically get better the longer you're there (and the more alcohol you consume), so my sobriety might have also clouded my judgment.  Regardless, I'll probably go back to State and Allen once more, if only because two of my friends live right nearby and it could be a good meeting place.  And I am curious to try one of those hamburgers...

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