Tuesday, March 3, 2009

All's Fair in - um - Job Hunting

Thursday is a big American Institute of Architects Job Fair here in Dallas (that's AIA, for those in the know).  I have a short list of fair participants.  I'm scared.  Wednesday will be spent prepping for the Job Fair (in what do the attendees specialize?  For what positions are they hiring?  Would working for them require me to change my name/address/SS# out of shame?).

Also, I've joined this nifty little networking group (yes, I joined Career Connections, Bible lesson and all, but there's another one that, coincidentally or not, wants to become a part of CConn).  One of my friends is also in it.  Everyone was assigned a "buddy" to call and check-on/lend-support-to once or twice a week.  I was assigned to a blissfully good-looking young man.  I attempted to call him, as per my duties as his "buddy."  The feller didn't answer.

The thing is - apart from my wanting to "lend support in this time of need" - I actually have a pretty good job connection for him.  I know one of the firms at the job fair, although I can't -  because of past misbehavior by an associate of theirs - apply to work there.  I CAN however, introduce him to the HR director, who luvs meh.

So now, I have to decide whether or not to appear to stalk him in order to give him this information.  Hmmm... What's a girl to do?

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