Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Grad School Applications

First, I would like to thank Lehman Brothers for making it much harder to get into grad school this year.

Why is it harder to get into grad school?  Because there is a recession, so many many architects are out of work, and all those that are unemployed seem to be applying to grad school.

Why is it Lehman Brothers' fault?  Because I arbitrarily assign all blame to anything recession related to them.

I received a rejection notice (not telling from where) and a "you're on our wait list!" notice.  Thanks, guys.  The wait list notice came from my "safe school."  All four of my schools were in the top 15 M. Arch programs for the past 6 years (none of those "here today gone tomorrow" top 15s for me).  I knew they'd be competitive, but... I didn't plan on a recession interfering with my plans for schooling by adding a glut of applicants who otherwise would have been happy to remain ensconced in their cubicles, churning out apartment buildings, overpriced condos, and offices.

So now, I'm trying to develop a Plan B.  I could always apply for admission to the school from which I obtained my undergrad architecture degree.  BUT I DON'T WANT TO.  I know a lot of the people in the program, and those I know tend to by stuck in the undergrad binge-drinking days of no responsibility.

I'm tired of that.

I have so many acquaintances that miss school SO MUCH.  And I don't.  At all.  I miss sitting in my desk at the office, going to meetings, reprimanding male clients for making ribald jokes in my presence, and the excuse to wear 4-inch heels every day and cram my closet full of pencil skirts.  I miss Lunch N Learns and free breakfast tacos from the printer's rep.  I miss Friday lunches.

I don't miss college parties.  I don't miss staying up all night working on projects.  I don't miss sarcastic professors who get their jollies by belittling their hard-working students.

So now it's time to rethink my strategy.  What will I do for the next year?  The application deadlines have passed for the other schools to which I would consider applying.  Lots of soul searching, right now...

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  1. http://www.urbanrevision.com/competitions/revision-dallas

    This could keep you busy until May.

    Mr. Gary