Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pain! Agony! Yoga!

I decided that I needed to get into shape, rather than just sitting around at the house all day.  For the two years I worked for "the firm formerly known as Megan's Employer," I didn't do much exercise, unless trotting back and forth from the printer to my desk in high-heels counts.  I talked vaguely while employed about taking up yoga, again.  I took it for a semester in college and loved it.  
I recently joined the YMCA with the sole intention of taking yoga classes there.  It's cheaper to join the YMCA and take the classes they include with their membership than it is to take yoga at a "yoga center."  Besides, most yoga centers teach only the heated/humidified yoga, which according to my doctor is unhealthy.  Yesterday was the first day I attended yoga class.

I can hardly move.

My yoga class in college was so much easier!  I felt like a total moron during the class.  I was the youngest person there, the thinnest person there... and the least capable person there.  The 70 year old woman sitting next to me was better than I was!  Of course, she's been doing it for years, but...  It definitely increased my resolve to get into shape.  It was a blow to my ego, definitely, but now I'm determined to get better at it.  And since I'm unemployed, I have the time.  Who says being too competitive is a bad thing?

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