Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Public Loves Me

A photographer and journalist from the Dallas Morning News came to my (parents') house on Sunday for about an hour-and-a-half.  The photographer snapped some pics of my family doing what it does best: reading and scratching the dog.  My dog, of course, was WAY too interested in the photographer, who was down on the floor to take some pics.  Apparently, owning cats, the photog didn't realize that floor-sitting means you're in prime dog-scratching position.

The conversation with the journalist got a wee bit side-tracked while talking about why I'd moved back in.  We ventured into the territory of why I have to keep COBRA insurance, and how that meant I had to move back in with the folks.  Of course, being a journalist, she kept taking notes, and said multiple times that she now has multiple stories running through her head.  Neat.

Apparently, I won't be the only unemployed parent-dweller-with-er featured in the DMN.  An older couple (about my parents' age) will also be featured since they moved back in with their 80-something mother/m-in-law.  And there will be a brother/sister act featured, most likely.

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