Monday, October 19, 2009

So Ready for TSA... Sort Of

I'm going to the Texas Society of Architects convention in Houston, this weekend. I'm excited about it, but mostly because I get to have a fancy-schmancy brunch at a fancy-schmancy house, and I get to see my sister. The other stuff I'm supposed to do...

Eh, not so excited.

There's a couple of seminars to go to that should be informative, but I'm not going to the actual convention until Saturday, which means I'll have one day of doing seminars before the whole thing ends. I had initially intended to ask for a couple of days so I could go Thursday and Friday - general overhead type days that wouldn't count against my vacation time because I'd be a font of useful information when I return. Missing work this past week for emergencies and medical appointments and all manner of fun stuff like that put the kabosh on asking for more time off, particularly since I'm going to have to take a full day off in November for EEGs and MRIs. Neat.

So now I have to figure out what the heck I'm going to wear at the conference, this weekend. At my last job, I dressed more business than casual, and my current job is business casual, but tending more towards casual (I wear jeans 4 days a week). I really don't want to wear heels around the convention center, but that limits my clothing choices.

The convention is business casual, but there's a dearth of office-appropriate trousers in my closet (a former colleague once cracked, "Oh my god! You own pants?!?!?!" when I showed up to the office in a pair of ivory trousers). Most of the skirts I own with which I would usually wear flats are decidedly thigh-skimming.

I guess it's time to drag out the wardrobe boxes under the bed, eh?

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