Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's Been a Helluva Week, Folks

I haven't written much, recently, but... okay, up until this week, I didn't have any excuses, but this week there have been crises galore, along with some planned happenings, such as my trip to the neurologist.

I will not go into the crises, as they are a bit too personal, but let's just say they're critical crises. And stressful. Very, very stressful.

On to the neurologist! The appointment was actually kind of fun (nothing like the doc underestimating the length of your gams so you kick her in the shins during the reflex test!). For once, I saw a doctor for the first time who accepted what I was telling her without questioning the veracity of my statements.

And she had some stuff to add to what I said, like "Oh, that's not a symptom of a migraine, really. That's more a symptom of seizures."

Excuse me, what?

Pretty much, I might be having seizures as a result of having migraines. Not flailing around foaming at the mouth seizures, but small seizures that cause me to smell things that aren't there.

That was the critical clue and the reason I'm having both an EEG and an MRI. People who have migraines small things that are already there, just more strongly. People having seizures smell things that aren't there, typically really noxious things like sulphur and rotten eggs. Or, in my case, fecal matter. To each his own, eh?

So I'm getting closer to having a solution to my problem, maybe. She gave me some medicine to take if I get a migraine, and some medicine to take for the nausea that accompanies my migraines, and some medicine to take before I get my MRI, because I'm claustrophobic as all get-out and had a panic attack during the last MRI I had (back in 2005). Hopefully, we'll find that there's nothing growing in my brain that shouldn't be there, and that I'm actually not having seizures (cross the fingers, because the thought is just kind of scary) and that I can be treated with migraine medicine.


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