Saturday, October 3, 2009


I posted Tuesday, and then neglected to post again. I've been insanely busy, catching up with the parents, going to the grocery store and dropping off clothes at the dry-cleaners (which I will not be picking up today, okay Joe?). I was supposed to have a house-warming soiree this evening - nothing fancy, just a few of my nearest and dearest and in-townest friends - but then...


I didn't feel well Friday, and was only able to plow through the mountains of Architectural Specifications on which I've been working by sheer force of will. I took some NyQuil and headed to bed, hoping to awaken in better health.

Didn't happen.

I awoke with a head full of cotton-wool and with my brains oozing from my nostrils, or so it seemed. Also, someone replaced my esophagus with sandpaper. I had to text-message and email all my party guests to let them know that the party was NOT happening, because I am incredibly sick. One of them was so bold as to accuse me of ditching the party plans because I had somehow managed to procure a hot date. If only...

So I used my time wisely by getting a jump on that most onerous of tasks: filing for income taxes.

Wait, what? Those aren't due until April!

I know, I know. But that's no reason not to go ahead and sort out all the receipts for my filing now so I won't have as much work to do when April rolls around, is it? Apparently not, for me. Plus, it gave the opportunity to perform one of my favorite actions: the creation of a spreadsheet.

I love spreadsheets. They make me happy. I create them at work for Architectural Details, and then color-code them by the rooms in which they are used (Bathrooms' cells are blue, etc.). My coworkers think I'm nuts, but in a pat the young OCD intern-architect on the head and smile at her condescendingly kind of way, which is better, I guess, than the OH MY GOD SHE'S GOING TO GO POSTAL ON US ALL kind of way.

I love statistics of all kinds. I used to have a huge Guinness Book of World's Records that I practically memorized, and I have a statistics tracker tied to this blog (you hear that, whoever you are in Indonesia? I know you're there, even if I don't know who you are!). I always get a kick when I receive the Year In Review or whatever it is that the Economist sends out to its subscribers. It details all the facts and figures for the preceding year and how they've changed.

Is that nerdy? Yes.

Do I care that you think it's nerdy? No.

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  1. Don't talk to me about nerdy. I play Dungeons and Dragons.