Monday, October 5, 2009

Sick Day

I wish I could somehow manage to have sick days when I feel okay. I think I'd enjoy them more.

Could I have gone to work today and slogged through a full 8 hours of architectural specifications? Yes, I probably could have. However, I can't just think of myself, especially not since my boss is 164 years old. God forbid I should be the employee to bring in the virus/bacterial infection that... I don't even want to think about it, but I'm loathe to go into work if I feel ill, these days, from fear of infecting someone else.

I'm coughing, feel icky, and I can't decide if I'm well enough to go to work tomorrow without infecting everything within sight. Part of me says, "You haven't run a fever in 24 hours, go for it," but part of me isn't entirely sure that I've been fever-free for 24 hours, because I'm on steroids, so they make me feel feverish. I guess I could dig out the good old digital thermometer and see what it says, eh?

I didn't spend the entire day in bed, Monday, unlike Saturday and Sunday. I ran to the Container Store (aka Mecca) and to Tom Thumb for some groceries that are not to be found at Whole Foods. I wore my new Metallica shirt (grey-on-grey tie-dye with a black fanged/winged skull on it that says "Seek and Destroy"... I did not realize it was this scary when I bought it, and from 30 feet away at the T-shirt stand thought the graphic might be "pretty." My mom said she liked it, though, so I decided I could wear it out in public) and got lots of scared looks from the blue-haired old ladies that frequent Tom Thumb at noon.

What did I buy at Container Store? I'm so glad you asked. I bought a couple of "unbreakable" plastic storage containers for colored pencils and art markers. My collections of both have outgrown their plastic-baggie and left-over-cardboard-finger-puppet-boxes. I also bought spring-loaded drawer dividers to tidy up my t-shirt/camisole drawer.

I'm pretty sure the drawer front is going to fly off in the middle of the night as a result of all that spring-loaded action and kill me. But at least I'll have tidy drawers when I go!

I've also realized that being ill is dangerous. It makes me reassess my financial position and savings/investing strategies, gets me back on track starting up a side business, and finds me zipping out quantities of emails relating to said side business to individuals and potential contractors of all shapes and sizes.

So, the good news is: I've been incredibly productive the past couple of days.

The bad news is: I've been incredibly productive the past couple of days, and I should have been resting, instead.

So, maybe I'll start resting a bit more, right now.

Time to get back to reading.

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