Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sick Day Partt Deux

I stayed home from work again, today. Could I have gone in? Possibly, but I would have been miserable about an hour into the day.

The doctor prescribed steroids to help clear up the inflammation in my upper respiratory system. Great. Awesome. Out, out! Damned inflammation!

The doctor also prescribed some antibiotics to banish the bacteria from my upper respiratory system. Out, out! Damned micro-organisms!

The doctor also prescribed a cough-suppressant chock full of fun narcotics. Not so great.

The problem is that the steroids keep me up, but the narcotic is supposed to help me sleep. The two combined, however, mean I lie in bed in a quasi-dream state for hours at a time, thinking 30 minutes has passed when it's been 2 hours. I know I haven't slept, because I've been borderline lucid the whole time, and I don't feel at all rested.

So I'm exhausted. On the upside, I didn't do anything productive, today, so I got a bit of a mental rest, and I refrained from running errands, so I was able to physically rest.

So, remember kids, steroids on their own are ok.
Narcotics on their own are ok.

But steroids + narcotics = insomnia.

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