Sunday, March 27, 2011

Leave It to the Experts

I just got off the phone with my pharmacist (one of the grossly incompetent ones) because of a little snafu with my medicines.

Earlier this week, I went to pick up a couple of prescriptions from the pharmacy, and was told that my insurance company was requesting information from my neurologist/best friend in regards to a (wildly expensive) migraine medicine she prescribed.

In the past three years, I've tried everything: Relpax (no effect, and also expensive), Midrin (cheap, worked like a charm, but no longer manufactured), Imitrex (made the migraines worse), Maxalt (worked for a month... then stopped), Migranal (worked for a week back in November, then stopped). These are just the medicines I've tried for acute migraines; they don't include the ones I take every day to help prevent migraines.

The pharmacist never called me back about what happened with the faxed forms, etc., so I had to call her.

My insurance company refuses to cover the medication prescribed (Cambia) because it's too expensive. They suggested Celebrex.

Celebrex reacts with two other medications I'm on, and could kill me. I get your logic, Cigna: You're tired of paying for me, so you plan to just off me via medication interactions.

Until I can get in to see my neurologist, I'm stuck paying $180 for my prescription, at $20 per dose.

What strikes me as somewhat absurd is that the insurance company will have to pay for two doctors' visits (at an expense for them of roughly $150 per visit). They're only going to be covering me for another month, or so. Which means my having to go to the doctor for a prescription refill will cost them more money than just filling the damned prescription.

I'm more than just slightly miffed. I'm furious. I'm so angry, I'm chewing gum to keep myself from clenching my jaw (if you know me, you know that I never chew gum).

It's only slightly working.

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