Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cyrus the Virus

My computer now has a name: Cyrus. Why? Simply because it rhymes with "virus."

My computer went kaput on Monday after presenting me with the Blue Screen of Death 6 times in one hour. Despite my hurling vicious epithets at it, it refused to reboot properly.

I didn't know what to do, where to turn, how to proceed. So I went to the Geek Squad.

I plunked down $200 for a full-on diagnostic analysis and repair, and received a call Wednesday afternoon telling me that my computer had a pretty nasty virus, and they just needed my go-ahead to wipe the hard-drive and reinstall all the firmware for my computer. I gave said go-ahead, and looked forward to receiving a fancy functioning computer.

I picked it up three hours later, and only just fired 'im up on Thursday afternoon.

Imagine my dismay when not all of the drivers and utilities were installed!

I paid $200 to have the thing diagnosed and then completely fixed, and they failed to do just that. Granted, there's no virus, and it seems happy enough in its incomplete state.

I was prepared to install all the lovely, lovely programs I daily use on my own (Office, SiteBuilder, etc.). But having to go back into the system to install the driver for my touchpad? That's a bit thick, really.

Most likely, I will spend the rest of the evening installing programs (Adobe Creative Suite should be fun... and protracted); doing laundry; and needlepointing.

Don't let the excitement overwhelm you.

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