Friday, March 11, 2011

Copy Pasta

I have won the "Versatile Blogger Award" thanks to "To Gyre and Gambol" at According to the rules, I have to regift this award to seven others, and I need to say seven things about myself.

I was having trouble deciding what to write about for my next blog post. The construction work that has me stranded in my apartment without a way to leave? My continuing (fruitless) job hunt?

Then, my cousin Thom gifted me with the Versatile Blogger Award, and now I have a purpose, for the day. Apart from teaching myself a new architecture program, that is.

Seven things about myself:

1. My friends say I live under a rock. I don't pay too much attention to celebrity drama, mostly because I don't know who a lot of the celebrities are. I don't watch TV, and only watch DVDs sporadically.

2. I'm a cancer survivor. I had leukemia as a teenager, and it's impacted my life in many ways. Not only did the chemotherapy leave a legacy of other health problems down the road, but it gave me a new perspective on life and how I was living it.

3. My diet is somehow regulated by the apartment I live in. In this apartment, my diet is mostly Mediterranean, with lots of hummus, cheese, and whole wheat pita bread. At my last apartment, I ate tilapia and asparagus at least twice each week. In my first apartment, it was noodles with a little butter and lemon-pepper (I couldn't cook much at that time).

4. I wear my hair short, and have for most of the time since I underwent chemotherapy. At first, it was simply a matter of style, but I've developed hypersensitive skin as I've aged, and now I can't blowdry my hair because it's physically painful. Cool, huh?

5. I have a 13-year-old black labrador retriever named Major Tom Shadowmaker. He lives with my parents, and I visit him on weekends and dog-sit when my folks are out of town. He's the coolest black lab ever. And a little neurotic.

6. My biggest weakness is book hoarding. The three custom bookshelves in my apartment are stacked two books deep with texts of all shapes, sizes and subjects, and there are growing piles of books beneath one of my end tables. It's a problem.

7. I have midget feet. According to a chart of average shoe size vs. height, I should wear at least a size 8.5 in women's shoes. I'm a 6.5, though, which makes for difficulty with physical balance. I stumble a lot.

I have no idea to whom I will award the Versatile Blogger Award, so I'm not going to post them today. I'll have to think on it for a bit, and I'll get back to you.

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