Monday, March 7, 2011

I Missed a Milestone

My last blogpost, Drowning, was my 300th post. It's kind of hard to believe that I've posted 300 times.

The last time I reached a multiple of 150, I turned it into a blog-book using some online software. I have a hardcopy of it, now, so even if the apocalypse comes and wipes out the interwebz, I'll still have my blog on paper, the only truly archival format in existence.

Now I have to decide if I'll do the same thing with these last 150 posts, beginning with #151.

I'm also about to reach another milestone: my 10-year high school reunion.

My mom asked me recently if I planned on going, and I said "No." Those people with whom I've wanted to stay in touch, I've done so, at least through Facebook, and others through face-to-face contact. I didn't really have much of a high school experience, interrupted as it was by the trauma of cancer, chemotherapy treatment, and the toll that took on me physically and psychologically.

I started thinking about high school, and if there was anyone I'd want to see or to talk to that I haven't since 2001, and I came up with an answer: just one person.

I confess, I Googled him, and I found out some pretty wonderful things. He was a really great person - a good friend who I let down, in a way - and a couple of times over the years, I've had the urge to seek him out, to talk to him again, just to find out what he's doing.

Now, I know how to do that, but I can't quite make myself do it. Would it be creepy? Would it be too "stalker-ish?" I can't decide.

Just one more thing I'll have to wrestle with. Because I really need another.

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