Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ugly Ugly Ugly

I finally ordered a computer.  I bit the bullet and went with a Dell, because I could get the computing power I needed, the screen size I wanted (16"), and a price I can afford.  Ok that's done.

Now, though, I'm wondering: do I get a new bag for the computer?

The bag I have for the old Fujitsu from which I'm currently blogging is big, black, and manly.  It was fine for school, but it's not particularly attractive.  It's a backpack, which worked decently, but I found it difficult to extract my computer from the bag.

I'm discovering, however, that as a fashion-conscious female, my options are limited.  Most "women's bags" won't hold the 16" widescreen computer I bought, or if they will, they're cheap pink vinyl, ready for an anime sticker to be plastered onto its side, gamer-style.  Seriously, do female executives carry pink vinyl computer bags to meetings?  If you don't want to spend $400 on a bag, you're out of luck!  It's ridiculous.  I want to spend less than $100 (significantly less), so that means my options are even more limited.

I found a sleek aluminum case (a knock-off of the Halliburton Zero) online for $50, but it weighs 7 lbs, so form doesn't really follow function.  Too bad, because it would have been soooooo James-Bond-villainess-chic to carry.  Bleach my hair blonde and add red lipstick, and Daniel Craig would have his next nemesis, even though I personally preferred Sean Connery in the role.

I saw a laptop case at Steinmart the other day while shopping for a purse, but it was zebra with red leatherette "accents."  It was cute.  But I don't want cute.  I want sophisticated female.  Which does not equate to zebra with red leatherette.  Or pink vinyl.  Or pink microfiber.  Maybe I need to go into business designing laptop bags for women...

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