Wednesday, April 1, 2009

But I'm Always the Rejecter!

News, news, news...

I have now been rejected by two grad schools, wait-listed by a third, and the fourth has yet to send out letters, but I expect to be rejected by them, too.  That means that I have until mid-April to find out whether I will make it into the third school, an honor for which I'm not going to hold my breath.  I discussed this earlier with a girlfriend, and we talked about how it was such a huge blow to my ego because I was always the top in the class, had firms fighting for me when I graduated, etc...  And now I can't get into the gradschools of my choice.

I considered (for about 30 seconds) applying to my alma mater and just going back there this fall, but I've ultimately decided that I really really really don't want to go.  So I'll retake the GRE (because my math score was terrible, and my writing was inexplicably subpar) and just apply again this next year.  A bit of turmoil, because I had this "light at the end of the tunnel" for moving out of my parents' house, getting on with my life, etc... and now I found out that the light is really just hanging above a sign that says "Tunnel exit: one more year" and it stinks.  I love my parents, but...

So I've made a list of about 15 schools I will apply to next year.  Some of them I considered applying to this year, before I found out how absolutely hellish it is trying to get all those letters of recommendation.  I will begin much earlier, this time around, in gathering all that lovely mess together.  I will also revamp my portfolio, and start by doing some artwork to accompany the drawings, etc...  Make the portfolio a bit more exciting.  Rework some of the text.  We'll see how it all turns out, in the end.

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