Thursday, August 23, 2012

Proverbial Headless Chicken

The last three days have been insanely busy ones, for me.

Tuesday and Wednesday, I was allowed to cut out of work around 3-ish (never mind that I was actually supposed to have the whole week off), and I've used those afternoons to accomplish a lot of errands and chores prior to starting back to school this coming Monday.

Yesterday, I tackled the grocery store, as one of my BIG BIG BIG plans is to make gobs of freezable food and then, er, freeze it for consumption at a later date.

I now have four heaping helpings of coconut chicken curry and six servings of vegetable beef stew snuggled not-so-cozily in my freezer. Tonight, I tackle the seafoodless jumbalaya (a.k.a. "pork product pottage") for freezing.

Look out, piggies, here I come!

Today, I had my hair cut, dropped off a package at UPS, picked up the 355+ pages of research I've done towards my master's thesis, and which I paid FedEx Office to print for me, and had lunch with my sister.

Lunch was definitely the highlight of my day. Gluten-free pizza and salad at Ruggles Green? Mmmmm...

I also went to the grocery store (again) and then had a manicure/pedicure.

In other news, I'm tired.

But it's not over, yet!

Because, tomorrow, a cleaning service will descend upon my apartment, probably blanch when they see my bookshelves, with all their lovely nooks and crannies to be dusted, and hopefully not increase the charge for cleaning because of the aforementioned bookshelves.

I am keeping my fingers crossed on the last point, which makes typing infinitely more difficult, I might add.

After that, I intend to go to The Galleria to stock up on make-up and to try on the suit my parents are giving me for my 30th birthday.

Yes, 30th birthday.

I requested the suit from my mom, the other night, and she seemed kind of surprised by the request. It's something I've wanted for a long time, though, and I think it will by very useful come March (when I hope to start interviewing for post-graduation jobs).

I'll give you a sneak peek at my interview day outfit:

But black. Because real architects wear nothing but black.

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