Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dagnabbit... Not Again!

In the past five weeks, I've missed 5 days of work due to migraines.

Okay, 4.5 days of work, but that cuts down on 1) my paycheck; 2) my sales potential; 3) the days I feel decent and happy.

I'm frustrated, and I don't know what's triggering the sudden upswing in days-with-migraines. For a while, I was holding steady at 1-2 migraines per month, which was pretty good, for me. And they were (mostly) manageable migraines: I could still run errands, go to work, etc.

Not the most recent bad boys, though. They are knockyouflatonyourass, makeyoutakenauseapreventive type migraines. These suckers don't mess around.

And they hit almost every Tuesday (and then, sometimes, on Friday, too. I don't miss work for those, though, because that's my day off, luckily...)


And as if it's not bad enough that my migraines are so frequent, they're messing with other parts of my physiology (which is different from physiognomy. Thank you, Wikipedia!).

My face has broken out in a very stubborn spot of eczema, due to the migraines. I began eliminating things from my diet to see what was exacerbating its itchiness (since I can't just "quit" migraines).

Caffeine. And milk.

So, "Goodbye, mocha lattes!" I weep, glancing forlornly at my cute ceramic coffee cup with its adorable silicone lid and gripper/insulatorthingy.

"Goodbye, iced tea!"

On the positive end of things, because of the whole "everyone serves caffeinated iced tea" thing (except Cafe Express, who gives me a choice!), I've finally forced my beverage intake to accord with my human rights beliefs.

I no longer have a reason to go to Chik-Fil-A. Ever again.

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