Thursday, April 21, 2011

Buzz Buzz

I'm still in busy busy bee mode. I'm beginning to think it's the new norm, as opposed to the old norm, which was having plenty of time to do everything, plus hours to lie around in bed and read.

On Saturday, I had my hair cut - which took forever - while my mom waited for me at my apartment.

She got bored.

When I get bored, I surf the internet and fantasize about all the Elizabeth and James or J. Crew clothes I could buy.

When my mom gets bored - at my apartment, at any rate - she cleans house.


I returned home to a kitchen sink devoid of greasy pans, the relics of my self-inflicted burn-wound-thingy. Also, my TV console was dusted and my bathtub sparkled like a herd of Scrubbing Bubbles just had a party in there.

Afterwards, we took Major Tom Shadowmaker's (Ret.) Official State Portrait to be framed. Of course, the only frame that looked good with his portrait happened to be one of the priciest ones in the framer's shop.

Nothing but the best for the distinguished World War I flying ace.

Afterwards, my mother helped me to hang a few pictures I had lying around, so there's now a lovely salon-style wall of pictures in my living room with a set of antlers thrown in for good measure.

It's Texas, okay?

After a week of dinners with friends, and baseball games with friends, and running hither and thither to see various doctors, my apartment is now, alas, back to its state of normalcy: a bedroom littered with clothes waiting to be sorted and laundered; the remains of this evening's dinner languishing on the kitchen counter, awaiting their journey to their final resting place (a.k.a. the trash can).

I've filed my most recent medical receipts and have checked the usual web-comics. It is now, I suppose, time to attend to those languishing pots and pans.

Fear not, mashed sweet potatoes and post-buffalo-steak skillet! Here I come!

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  1. Maybe she could come hang out in my office - and, hopefully, get bored. I need help.