Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Developments in the World of Medicine

Did you know magnesium is good for migraines? I sure as heck didn't, not until my doctor's appointment on Monday. That's when I went in and told my neurologist - who I see more often than I see my Happy Hour compatriots, sadly enough - that the preventive migraine medicine was exacerbating some health problems while helping with the migraines.

She now has me on what she calls a "three week wash-out" to get the old medicine out of my system (it accumulates over time, apparently) and to get me back to my "baseline of health" before we try something new.

She wants me to have something to compare my next medicine to.

And I'm now taking magnesium. Which you have to take with calcium for optimum absorption. So the good news is that I'm now getting plenty of calcium and the magnesium will help with my migraines, hopefully. In studies, it supposedly helps people with migraines.


I just did some research on the interwebs to see if I could find some fancy statistics to throw in here, and guess what? I'm taking the wrong type of magnesium. Good thing I didn't splurge for the expensive vegan $26 bottle at Whole Paycheck and went for the $6 "I eat meat, so I don't care" bottle.

Apparently, I shouldn't take it with calcium, because it counteracts the migraine effects. Or something. And despite the fact that most vitamins should be taken with meals, I should take the magnesium for migraines on an empty stomach. Hmmm... There's a doctor cited in a couple of the articles. Maybe I'll give him a shout and see if he can confirm this info (since the two articles - both with different copyrights on them for two different authors - were identical).
Because I'm sure there's nothing an internationally respected migraine researcher enjoys more than having an intern architect from Texas email him to ask him about magnesium and migraines...

Why would I feel the need to go straight to the source of the info, instead of taking the glorious interwebs' word for it?

Because the credibility of the articles I've read isn't particularly high.

They misspelled "components."

Seriously, people, there is no "I" in "Team," and there is no "a" in "components." Bust out a dictionary sometime.

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