Friday, June 4, 2010

Bryan Street Tavern

Friday's Happy Hour extravaganza took place at Bryan Street Tavern. It was my first experience at BS Tavern, and I have to say, I liked it.

The waitress was just attentive enough to keep my beer filled, and they had Guinness on tap, so I can't complain too much. The Ladies' Room was also in good shape, which is downright miraculous for an East Dallas bar.

That, and BS Tavern gave me the chance to say five little words I never thought I'd utter in seriousness and without a trace of fear in my voice: "I parked on Peak Street."

Peak Street. The street where women do not jog alone.

It's conveniently located no matter where you are, be it hoity-toity Highland Park (just zip down Fitzhugh, and you're there) or in Downtown (I don't know how to get there directly from my office, I went home to change before venturing out). With the exception of the masses of black flies that swarm around the pleasantly shaded patio, the outdoor congregation spaces were pleasant.

I'm going to chalk the flies up to the park-like space next door and their poor plant choice. And you don't notice them as much after you have a beer (or two) down the gullet.

The atmosphere is decidedly relaxed, with picnic tables outside, along with a dangerously oversized game of Jenga (I recommend steel toe boots), pool tables and sitting tables inside, and, as previously stated, the cleanest Ladies' rooms in any bar... heck in Dallas, let's be honest.

They made a good impression, okay?

As far as the food goes, I had a pizza, pepperoni (not feeling to adventurous), and it was okay, but a tad on the spicy side of for this wuss.

Maybe next time I'll order a super-healthy appetizer portion of mozzarella sticks to soak up the Guinness.

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